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The Happiness Runner Returns!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hi Dream Street Community!

Welcome to the official reopening of The Happiness Runner, Camp Dream Street’s very own blog! My name is Rachel Posner, and I will be your writer and editor. The Happiness Runner, inspired by the classic and fan-favorite camp song “Happiness Runs,” used to be a Dream Street Newsletter, but hasn’t been in use for some time. We thought it was time to bring it back, newly improved and easily accessible, so that the Dream Street community (campers, parents, staff, donors, NFTYites, and everyone in between) can feel connected and updated throughout the year. You will find our articles and posts here, under the BLOG tab of the website, or at We will also send links for new articles to your emails and post it on our Facebook page and our Instagram.

The Happiness Runner will be featuring a variety of camp-related content, from informative updates and reminders to cool feature articles and silly camp fun. Check in to find out more about the upcoming summer, exciting moments throughout the year, and more! We’d also love to hear from you, the Dream Street community, about what you would like to read here. Comment on this post or email us at any time to provide feedback.

For now, we just want you to get excited for summer 2020!! Mark your calendars: camp will run from Sunday, May 24 to Thursday, May 28. Staff are expected to arrive Friday, May 22. Applications are now live for campers, counselors, and upper staff. Please apply soon, we know you don’t want to miss out on the happiest week of the year!

I am so excited to have the privilege of keeping this inspiring community of individuals connected throughout the year in order to sustain and shine a light upon the magic of Camp Dream Street. Welcome! Check back in for more news soon.

Dreamily yours,

Rachel Posner

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Unknown member
Feb 08, 2020

Hi Gayle! Please send us an email at and we will get you an update!


Gayle Choojitarom
Feb 08, 2020

Any news on GE applications?

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