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Great Expectations

The Great Expectations (GE) program began in the summer of 1999 to provide an opportunity for high school age students, many of whom attended Dream Street as campers, to participate in an exciting and unique program more appropriately geared toward their age and maturity. The GE program supplements the Dream Street campers’ experiences by providing role models for our younger campers and allows the participants the independence to enjoy programming tailored to their age-level. 

Participants in the GE program help create some of their own programming as well as lead some of the programming and activities for the Dream Street campers.  They will also participate in some of the same activities (like SWIMMING!) as the rest of camp.  The GE staff helps organize and plan the schedule, and assists the participants when and where needed, but the participants are granted much more independence and autonomy.  

Activities in the GE program are geared to helping prepare the participants for high school, college, work, and the general challenges faced by teenagers.  Special activities for GE participants include driving lessons in an adaptive vehicle, climbing the ropes tower, and a self-prepared meal.

We also host regular reunions of prior GE participants and staff members.  It’s a great opportunity for previous GE members to catch up and share stories about their lives.  

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