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Cabin Life


All of our campers stay in our air conditioned cabins that have several sets of bunk beds and their own accessible bathrooms. We have approximately 4 campers per cabin. Campers sleep on the bottom bunk with their counselor on the top bunk. Each cabin has approximately 3-4 upper staff (experienced staff members) that assist in the cabin. If you worry about your child rolling out of bed, we are able to provide solutions

Bathrooms and Shower PARTIES!

Ask any experienced Dream Street camper or staff member and they will tell you shower parties are one of their favorite times of the day! Getting clean has never been so fun! Music is played while the campers shower themselves, or counselors help the campers shower to whatever extent needed. Each shower is divided by a wall and curtain for privacy


Sleep is a VERY important part of Dream Street. Everyone needs a good night sleep during this week of non-stop fun! Staff members are presented at all times when campers are in the cabins providing 24 hour care. Our medical staff stays on camp grounds for the entirety of the week should an medical needs come up. 


Camp is a great place to try new things and foster independence. We challenge our campers to do as many independent ADLs (activities of daily living) as possible. Occupational therapists are available to help with modifications to help the camper do tasks independently (such as eating or playing musical instruments). Any activity a camper is unable to perform, a counselor or other staff member will perform in an inclusive manner. 

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