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Financial Contributions

Looking for a good excuse to go shopping? We have created an Amazon Gift List of some items we'd love to have for our program. If you're interested in supporting Dream Street through helping us aquire some needed items, it's a double bonus -- the excitement of a gift package plus stuff we will definitely use at camp! We have some useful and practical items as well as some fun activity items too. Regardless, it's all stuff that will help our program directly. Check out our Wish List and you can have items shipped to us directly.

A financial contribution to Camp Dream Street helps us cover the costs to provide the program -- from food to art supplies -- as well as special adaptive equipment. We work very hard to keep our expenses low and appreciate all assistance in covering these annual expenses. 

Dream Street has selected the Birmingham Jewish Foundation (BJF) to administer and manage our endowment fund based on their professional reputation and commitment to our program. To make a donation to our endowment, click the "Donate Now" button below. You will be linked to a BJF site to complete your donation. All monies donated through this link will be placed in the Dream Street Fund there and exclusively used only in support of Dream Street.

Please contact us directly at donate@dreamstreetms.org if you prefer to donate by check, stock transfer, or another means.

Wish List